Earn money ANYWHERE, ANYTIME by promoting our CBD Products

CBD Oils Canada Affiliate Program

Affiliate program:

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is an INCOME GENERATING SYSTEM where you can earn money ANYWHERE, ANYTIME by promoting our CBD products through your personalized Affiliate Link!

Earn 10% LIFETIME COMMISSION off every sale and 5% LIFETIME COMMISSION off a Sub Affiliate (a person who signed up for the Affiliate Program after going to your Unique Website Link).

Once a customer completes an order through your Affiliate Link, they will be YOUR customer FOR LIFE. Yes, FOR LIFE. You will still be credited commission for any future sales with this same customer!

What is the Commission Structure?

We operate in a Two-Tier structured system – Parent Affiliate and Sub Affiliate(s).

Tier 1 (Parent Affiliate)

You will earn 15% LIFETIME COMMISSION for every completed order through your Affiliate Link and/or Affiliate Coupon Code. Once the order has been completed, this customer will be linked to your account FOR LIFE!

Tier 2 (Sub Affiliate)

If you recruit additional affiliates, you will earn 5% LIFETIME COMMISSION for every completed order from the sub-affiliate. You can recruit as many affiliates as you’d like. Keep in mind, this is a Two-Tiered system to keep it fair for all involved!


What if a Customer goes to my Affiliate Link and clicks on another Affiliates link?

If a customer clicks on your Affiliate Link, the cookies will be stored on their browser for 30 days. If the customer clicks on a different link within 30 days on the same browser, they will not change to the other affiliate until the 30 days is up. Once there 30 days is up, it is a free for all and whoever the customer clicks on first, that affiliate with receive credit for it.


How much do I have to invest?

You do not have to purchase or resell anything. You do not have to put in a single dime towards our products. You do not have to fulfill any orders as we have a shipping department dedicated to it. All you have to do is promote our products through your Affiliate Link and once the customer completes a purchase, they will be your customer FOR LIFE!


When and how do I receive my commission?

We pay out commissions during the 1st week of every month. We pay via e-transfer. We are currently looking for alternative methods to provide more effective and efficient ways to make payments.

You will have access to the Affiliate Platform Area for information such as Affiliate Link, Sales, etc.  To generate links to specific pages in the website (store page is the default) just click on ‘ADS’ and then ‘LINK GENERATION’  and enter the URL to the specific page. It’s a good idea to bookmark your links.


What if I don’t receive my commission?

Please contact us directly at info@cbdoilscanada.com


If I place an order on my affiliate account, will I receive commission?

You will not receive commission for any orders placed under your own affiliate account.