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Could medicinal cannabis be the key to alleviating your medical problems? And are there any other benefits from using medicinal weed compared to recreational weed? That´s what we will dive into here. But before making a choice, confer with your primary care physician and carefully consider your choice.


Nobody knows you better than yourself and your doctor, so never take medical advice from random people online. Do what is right for you. Not all people are good candidates for medical marijuana, but if you are interested in using medical cannabis or recreational cannabis, here is what you need to know:


What are the Differences Between Medical & Recreational Marijuana?

The following is not an exhaustive list of differences between what separates medical and recreational marijuana. Instead, we are presenting the most important facts for prospective consumers.


Medical marijuana consumers are patients with genuine health conditions that have been proven to be treatable with marijuana. Medical cannabis users will need to present a medical card from a licensed dispensary at the time of purchase. Recreational cannabis buyers only need a valid ID showing they are of legal age to buy weed.


Fortunately, most dispensaries nowadays offer both medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis, and often, the medicinal cannabis will be cordoned off to the public. Only patients with medical ID cards can enter these exclusive areas. Medicinal dispensaries often offer flower, concentrates, and other goodies exclusively made for medical users and can´t be found in recreational dispensaries.


Medicinal marijuana users are not chasing highs typically, whereas recreational cannabis usually features high levels of THC and massive bag appeal. Medicinal cannabis cultivars are selected and bred with specific cannabinoid ratios that offer a balance to the user to help them achieve the desired outcome. Hence, THC levels are often not a concern of medical cannabis users, as CBD, CBN, and CBG offer unique clinic 


However, there are plenty of medicinal cannabis strains with high THC levels, as THC can be used medicinally too. Unfortunately, THC has been known to create paranoia, so medical users often opt for strains with low THC or no THC. However, some medical strains provide even ratios of THC and CBD. Explain your needs to your budtender, and he/she can help you make the best selection.


Another big difference between recreational and medical marijuana is that medical cannabis users pay less for their products. Since medical marijuana is prescribed for medical purposes, the products are typically sold at a substantially lower price, and there are virtually no taxes on medical cannabis. Conversely, recreational cannabis taxes are costly.


Since medical cannabis is sold without exorbitant taxes, individuals can often buy the same strains as rec users for half the price! Indeed, cost savings are a big reason why cannabis users benefit from going medical instead of recreational.


Fortunately, most of the 50 states already have medical marijuana laws. Yet, only a handful of states have approved recreational cannabis, and where recreational weed is legal, the laws are usually stringent. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all recreational and medicinal cannabis laws in your neck of the weeds.



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